Wednesday, November 6, 2013

September 11, 2013

Hola como estan? Esoy Bien! I got a letter about my visa today, I am going to Vegas this Friday to pick it up! I am excited to leave for a day, my flight leaves at 8:30 a.m. then I should come back that night.Me and another elder form my District are going.
Everything is still going good, lear a lot everyday here. I never saw Nick so I bet he is at the west camps. I told you I would be on at 3:45on Monday.....they have a weight room with just dumb bells that go up to 75 pounds. So you can get pretty sore with those. My basketball game is like 10 times as good as it was during the season, we are not allowed to dunk it, but today I got well above the rim with 2 hands and just dropped it in. The other day a bunch of kids were trying to hit their heads on the net, so I jumped up and hit the top of my ear off the BACKBOARD, GETTIN' UP!
I got to e-mail Broc he seems like he is ready to get out of there.
So they say I need $200 in cash for bags and stuff when we go to Mexico. So I guess send that when ever.
Sounds like Jason's house is coming along, probably no as fast as they want though!
All is well, if you wanted I could use some more after shave. The whole shave everyday is taking a toll on my neck.
I found out yesterday that we only get mail ONCE A MONTH  in Mexico, that e-mail will be the best way. Still write letters though, I like those a lot more that e-mail. I got a couple of e-mails from Andi and a couple letters, thanks for doing that for me.
Dad I watched a mormon message today it is " Father in Heaven, Father on Earth"
or something like that. Watch it! Thank you for all you have done and do for me!
I love you both,
Elder Zundel

September 9, 2013

Hola como estas? Yo es muy bien! MTC es bueno. Yo se que Jesucristo es me elsavedor y es my hermano yo se que amor de dios es real. yo se que el don de lenguas es real en el nombre cristo amen. 
hey how are things going in tremonton? Have you got my letters? Everything is going great up here! had out first gym time on saturday night played some b ball and i tore it up baby! it was a really good time. I have learned more spanish in the four days i have been here than in the three years in school. we sit in a class for 8 hours each day and walk up or down 1500 stairs... that is no bueno ha. will you give Andi my email address please. We watched a video last night from a devotional Elder Bednard gave a couple of christmas's ago about the character of christ and it was really good. He told a story about a lady who lost her daughter in a car crash and it reminded me so much of Todd and  Racheal. Just true examples of people who have attributes of Christ. See if you can look it up on YouTube. Keep on sending letters they are great to get! will you ask Casey if he will make a cd with some christian spanish music on it and then send a cd player and that speaker and the cord please. I have some pictures to send to you but I got on the wrong computer so I will have to send them some other time.

Yeah we could hear the game pretty good! Kick off was right after gym so we went to the fence and listened to the nation anthem then to kick off it was pretty cool! That is a bummer to hear about the computer! I talk to mckades mom every week she always writes she always tells me how he is doing and stuff. Hopefully someone will get a big buck you will have to send me some pictures of everything you can just send theose through email. I will probably send some more pictures tonight i dont have a lot more to send just a couple, I write quite a bit in my journal but the days are all the same here so I dont do it every night here.

oh dang.. I t was just by chance that I got yo host him but just walked him around and showed him stuff. I will be able to host Broc this week that will be sweet! Yeah everyone in my district leaves for tijuana on the same day and there are other elders going to tijuana on the same day too! lots of work being done down there! Everything is going good, I love you.
   Elder Zundel

Elder Zundel hosting Elder Garret Fronk at the MTC

Hola padres,
    How is everything going back home? Things are still good down here we got our travel plans our plane leaves next tuesday morning at 1130 so a pretty late flight which is good! I was wondering if you could send me one of those pay as you go phones then when I am done with it i can just break it and throw it away, I hear that it is the best way to do it then you dont have to wait for a pay phone to open up and you can talk for a longer amount of time, and you dont have to stand right next to five other people  as you are talking. If you would would you watch my card this week I am going to have to buy a couple things like sock and a couple more pairs of garments and stuff like that, found out I didnt quite bring enough. This week was a real good one. Just smooth sailin, seams like the week was long but that yesterday was last tuesday weird how time seems to work here ha. I am pretty sure this week is going to fly bye! I am so excited to get out there, even though I wont know what will be going on, or what anyone is talking about. The language is still just getting better everyday so that is really good. Is everyone doing good back home sounds like you are all ready for the Muzz hunt heading up tuesday? I love you.
     Elder Zundel

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