Sunday, November 10, 2013

October 14, 1013

My comp is from Mexco City he is 19 he goes home in december he has a strong testimonony and knows a lot about the gospel. We really get along very well He works hard and likes to have fun at the same time so that is really good! I dont really see the mission pres ever so dont nkow aton about him. I live in Delicious uno Tijuana so that is whatt you can look up pretty ugly! but the people are so beautiful not appearance but in the heart so giving and way nice all of the time. I have not recieved you dear elder yet no se. pero everything is good here still dont know what people are saying for the most part but it is getting a little bit better. I am going to try to send some pictures I bought a thing off the street to send them but who kows if it will work?? Well I love you 
Love Elder Zundel

I love the little kids here but it makes me so mad that I can not talk with them really one of the hardest things for me is that. and We were in a lesson the other day and I was just so comfused and wanted to talk so bad but I couldnt and that was the really rough for me that was the lowest I had been the whole time really bummed me out. but I am doing good! I rained here the other day and did it rain wow we were walking and it was coming down! and then the people who we had appointments with were not home so we were so soaked the shoes turned out to be not so waterproof haha. We eat at a members house everyday and I really like the food, Oh and there pasteles here are so good oh so good! When I get home we will have a BBQ and I will cook tacos and they will be amazing! That is awesome to here about the little guys I love all of them so much!
  I met a member who goes to cali like 3 times a week and he has a mailbox there so you can send mail there! probably not packages though. the address is
128 west san ysidro
san ysidro CA
and make it out to Gerardo Vidana then put my name on the back or something!
Well I love you hope all is well
Elder Zundel

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