Sunday, November 10, 2013

October 28, 2013

That is really cool you got called as the ward mission leader. That is a huge calling! our ward mission leader is not all that great, it would help a ton if he would help out more, so you can have a huge impact for the missionaries. That is cool that jason and taren are all moved in yeah I bet taren makes a real nice place. Is colt not old enough to wrestle yet or doesnt want to or what? It is raining today and pretty cold... but for the most part it has been pretty warm, I am going to have to buy another sweater though. That will be awesome going onthe elk hunt with bears butt! You will have to get me some pictures or that! Bears better keep it up! and the red socks too! I have not gotten any tangible mail yet. sauzal is the name of our street.
     We had a baptism this last week and I am super stoked about that I got to do the dunking too! He is a 9 year old boy and an awesome kid. his mom is a less active member and dad is not a member, he has an older brother who is 11 that we are working on but he works on sundays so it is hard to get him to church, he works to help out his mom pretty cool kid also. 
       We are teaching a guy who is gay... not really sure where that is going to go  but he is really nice and he split up with his boyfriend about 6 months ago so who knows he says that he has been gay sinse he was like 5 so we told him how it is just  a temptation and that he needs to overcome it. we teach him with a less active single mother  who is so nice we call ladies like her mama galletas, we teach two other investigators with her also, it isjust really hard to get them to go to church.
     Well there is a little info about some of the investigatores and what not, I would like you to send some pictures of me and riley in our speedos and dressed up like cowboys you might have to ask skinners for those pictures. The language is coming along for sure getting better but i wish I knew it... sometimes it is difficult but all is well. I love you!
  Elder Zundel

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