Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 4, 2013

Wow snow all ready that is pretty crazy! That is a bummer to hear about the Bears. Sounds like Mckade had a really good game with tackles 24 is the word on the street. Yeah They are putting a lot on the members to help with the work of salvation. You should watch the District it is a show about missionaries it might give you some ideas and stuff for your calling, also read alma 8-11 awesome about member work! 
    Yeah I am sure that I will be amazed at how much they have grown in these two years! ha I love that story about Hundley nice to see a little bit of that in the kid. That is nice of mom to do that. I love the woman! That is crazy about the tunnel I have not heard anything about that, an no I have not seen any drug or violence or gang stuff I really do feel safe here. The only time I dont is when I am in a car or bus ha they are some crazy drivers. 
    I got my first contact on the bus last week and we are meeting with her tomorrow morning I am hoping it will be something awesome, we also met a family and I think that they have been prepared for the gospel I really excited to meet with them again we meet with them next sunday so i will let you know how it goes! We had a meeting with Elder Walker a member of the 70 this week and he really pounded hard the importance of members in missionary work. 
   Okay I got a list of some things that I would like ha. some chunky peanut butter, home made jam, my senior pictures, some brown sugar oatmil, family picture from cali, some dumb dumb suckers to give to kids, and some good vitamins. 
  Oh I got a hair cut this week too. I walk into the peliquleria and I guess the fist thing that crossed the ladies mind was this looks like a military man so she took the 2 to my sides and like a 4 to the top ha. it is super short I dont like it at all but its alright it will be good in a week or eight when its an inch long.
 They hunt sounds pretty exciting I want to do a lot more stuff like that when I get back but i will probably be busy with school dang. I hope all is well at home you are in my prayers every day, I love you thanks for all of the love and support.
  Elder Zundel
 Oh I recieved your dear elder this wednesday, thanks I like hearing how they other guys are doing!

Spanish is for sure making leaps and bounds I am so thankful for the help of the lord with this. Yeah it seems like the weeks go by really fast but then it seems like a long time since stuff has happened that happened this week. The Kids name is Luis  Edwardo Melendez Ochoa and my comps name is Luis cruz He is about normal for the people here. yeah I have met seen the pres a coulple of times since I have been here Yeah dont think i have a pic with the pres and his wife they just took one on their nice camera ha oops. Oh you are so lucky why did you not do this when I was at home! I want to go with you sounds like so much fun! I am really excited to get some letters though ha but it is way slow getting it here. In Nephi it talks about how the americans would split apart from the french and how much the lord helped them so he could restore his gospel once again on the earth. All is well with me I have my ups and downs but doing good! thanks for all of the love and support I love you!

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