Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

Yeah wow another month has come and gone only a couple of those left and I will be walking down the escalators.  No, nobody knows that is is April Fools day, they just party hard every weekend, with their music as loud as it can go. Yeah I am really amazed at how all those old farts still go hard in the mud, pretty impressive. (at the farm digging ditch) Wow I really don't see you as the political guy but hey go get after it. (dad as a state delegate)  That is a really good final four. all good schools,  don't know how they really are but some good basketball schools. Yeah I think that format to play is a lot better than the other one. (high school baseball format)  
Nope not getting to do much of anything on p day really don't like it. Hopefully next p day we will be able to play some ball. We have just been so busy to go and do anything lately. 
   So I told mom a little story of a guy and I hope you understand it but I will tell you another story.  So we got a reference the other day and so we went there during the week and it is a guy who is really sick and his wife. We got there and it was just the guy there who is really sick and we didn't have much time to talk with him so we just started telling him who we are and what we are here to do for him. We started with the fist lesson and that God is our Father in Heaven who loves us and is a God who is acting. He is not a dead God. And he started telling us a story. He says a couple of years ago my mom was really sick,  close to dying and I went home from the hospital one day and had a dream,  then he starts crying,  and in my dream there was a hobo standing next to my mom touching her wounds, so I yelled hey don't touch her you are going to get her more sick. He responded don't worry I am Christ I am here to heal her. And he continued toucher her wounds. Then he started crying harder and told us that the next day she was realesed from the hospital. Then he says I know that God lives and he answers prayer.  Pretty cool story! Well everything here is going good and I love you a buch paps thanks for all that you have done and do for me. 
  Elder Zundel

Okay so this week we had our fist lesson with a man who contacted us the other week. So I don't know if I already told you this, but someone killed his one and a half year old baby.  So we went to his house the other day and we talked to him for a little and he told us that someone he knows went through a similar situation and he knew the church and the church helped him a ton. So we talked to him and gave him the first lesson and he is stoked to get baptized. He says I drink a beer everyonce in a while but all you have to do is tell me and I will give it up right now and never drink again. He is so happy to know the gospel, he has been looking for the church for two years now and just barely found it.  I am so excited to see where he goes.  
I am doing good here in Mexico,  it is wierd cause I have so much time here in my area that all of the people know me. It is like I am like a normal person here now. Well I don't really know what else to say right now so love you a ton and I love ya! 
   (um you can send me  um a cool tie have dusty pick it out ha.) 

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