Saturday, March 29, 2014

March 24, 2014

Well this week was not the greatest, but it for sure did have some good up beats to it. My new comp is really cool a lot better than my fist two and a lot more obedient!!! But we were working like crazy all week and didn't have a lot to show for it. But at least we were working hard eh. Oh and I have heard a lot that the Temple will be finished in this YEAR!!! I really sure do hope so. 
  Yeah I do remember Sawyer. I bet that Spring Fling was a good ol time, I have always wanted to go but I feel like i would be terrorized by what goes on there so it is probably better that I don't, right. Dont worry ker bear I am eating enough feed. 
  uhhmm I really dont think we have anything new going on right now, well there are new people everyday, but we are really going to kick in in gear this week to have some milagros. 
  Yeah it will be crazy how much all of my little nephews have changed bythe time I get back, won't lie it crosses my mind quite a bit but that does not mean that I don't love where I am at right here in Tijuana. 
Well write me right now so we can chat for a little!!! 
Love you momma!

I would imagine that Taylor S. was an awsome missionary. I can only imagine the hearts that he touched out there.
   Yeah it for sure is a different attack that you have to take as a member doing missionary work but the trick is to do it. There are so many people who don't do it because they are afraid or that they just don't know how to do it. Yeah I was reading in the Book of Mormon today and read in Mosiah 5 and it talks about the people being converted and how their want to do bad things went away and only good was in their hearts. I wish that people could see how much this gospel could change their lives. 
  Not much is new here, I am really happy with my new comp. My first two were not very obedient so it was hard to drag them around. But this Elder is really good he wants to work and we are going to see miracles! If you are on right now write me back so we can chat!!
love paps,
 ELder Zundel

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