Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014

WOW! I bet you are pretty excited with the whole project, a little stressed, but not anywhere close the stress the dad has. I love my Aunts make sure to let them know it! 
  I really do love the people here, with the language coming along a little better now, I can express myself better have a laugh and have a good time with them more freely, and that is nice! 

Dang everyone I know is getting married crazy!!! 
Well right now we are having some storms so the weather is a little chilly here. 

Haha converts do love their missionaries, but sometimes that is not great cause they need to realize that they are not making a covenant with the missionary but with God. 
  Well everything went great with the baptisms! Great to see them take this step in there lives. 

And we are working hard to keep on baptizing.  This week was pretty normal, we did have a pretty cool experience happen. And this is how it goes. So we were in an area that we don't go to a lot because we were searching for a brother who had a reference for us.  So we were walking and walking and walking for about an hour and a half looking for this house just walking in circles.  So we walk down this one street and it leads to like a different colony so there really was no reason for us to go down there,  but we met another less active member who is ready to go back to church but he had been searching for the missionaries.  So after we met this guy and got his direction we headed back to find the other direction and found it really quick. The way that God works sometimes doesn't make sense to us but it is the way that it is supposed to be. The guy who we were searching for for an hour and a half is really cool he speaks perfect English and has a lot of friends who we are teaching and they are like sponges just soaking it all up! 
Well momma love you work hard in the paint! 
 Elder Zundel

Yeah the other day it rained and after it just smelt like baseball. Time is flying by tell you what it is crazy how fast it goes. I mean look my old man is stinkin' 53 honkin' years old and getting older every day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY by the way.. How are Grandpa and Grandma doing?  
  Yeah to be honest with you I have never felt in danger here not one bit, well with the food a little.  I have had the runs for a week now and it is doing its work on me. 
  Well for this last week this is pretty much how my day goes. Wake up in the morning and fill up my bucket to shower in, then put the heating cord in it. Go and eat a little bit of food and hit a little workout. (tryin not to loose it all) then take my little shower out of a bucket and get dressed for the day. At 8 I hit the study books! and about 10:30 we are out the door to save souls. we usually have three or so lessons before we eat luch at 2. We eat with at the house of one of the sisters of the ward. usually is a caldo, like a soup with veggies and chicken(sometimes) and rice and tortillas lots and lots of tortillas, which go straight to your lower stomache. 

Then after luch we teach more lessons until 9 and we are back at the house. Sometimes we eat something for dinner sometimes no depends on the day. We plan for the next day hang around a little and go to bed. Wake up the next morning and do it over again. 
   Well paps I miss ya a lot. Hope all is well and continues that way. Love you.
 Elder Zundel

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