Thursday, March 20, 2014

March 17, 2014

Yeah well transfers came and went this week that is why I am writing you today, and I am staying in my same area AGAIN.... Oh well it will be good! My comp went home to Veracruz and my new comp, Elder Tellez is from Mexico. He seems like a really good guy I am excited to work with him.
 Well this past Sunday Marlon was talking in Elders quorum and said that when he repented that he felt a peace come over him, and he knew that he had truly repented. I thought that was soo cool to be able he hear from him that he knew that the Savior had forgiven him. 
Well we got a lot of work to do and less time to do in, so I got to make this one short sorry mom.
I love you.
 Elder Zundel

Oh thanks so much for the package!!!!!! 
In the next one could you send a Tide to go stick and some socks... but good socks, like the CTR ones.

Nope I dont think they know what St. Patricks day is, well I really don't know what it is either so why would they, ha. In our area there are no nice homes, well there are some that are well kept, I me some, not many. But nice homes not here, there are not any. There are some in our zone, in an area called Insugentes. Yeah there are a couple areas around here with houses like those of Saltio. Yeah Tijuana is really big and there are a tone of people, tons. 
  What Mr. Black Friday didn't like to go shopping for home decor??? That doesn't sound like you paps. Yeah I am excited to know what it looks like. Dont send me pictures of it when its done I want to be surprised when I get back. (The kitchen)Wow its already March Madness. Well I guess we are in March, the time is flying by tell you what.
  No, I don't see the Mission Pres all that much, well hardly ever to be honest. He is a really good guy, I like him a lot but don't know him all that well either. We had transfers yesterday so that is what I did all day, NOT FUN! just so you know.
Well keep on doing good in the big city.
Love you.
 Elder Zundel

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