Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February 24, 2014

Well my lovely mother my ladies are going to enter the waters of baptism tomorrow at 4:30pm! Well the mom Lourdez and daughter Daneila cause the sister moved... Our ward leaders are pretty awesome right now we just barely got a bishop like 3 weeks ago I have not had a bishop before that... really rough... but he is really awesome really strong, and our ward mission leader is an absolutely awesome man.  I think he was a stake president before so he has a very good knowlegde of the gospel and works well with us. My comp is a good guy good missionary doesn't like to wake up on time but he works with me. He goes home is three weeks.  President told me that my next comp will be a good one so I am excited for that!
  Really ward members are so important, dont wait and think that someone else will get someone for the missionaries cause they probably won't. That really is a great goal for you guys. I love the Madsens!!! Make sure to let them know that!
  Well sounds like the Bears will have a rough road but hey why not do it?? You two are just taking all types of little vacations and all of that. WOW  I am kinda excited to see the home when I get back sounds like a lot will change, Knock Down Tha Middle Wall!!!!  
Don't worry I am taking some pictures I really like this new camera! Yeah I dont know why but I really like geneology right now like I want to know more about where I am from and all of that stuff, but dont have time to do it.  Lourdez had some dreams about people all dressed in white and stuff like that, so we tried to explain baptisms for the dead to her but she didnt really get the concept haha but in a year it will be a great experience for her!
 Well mom I love ya! 
 Love your baby boy!

Mom told me about the meeting, sounds pretty awesome, really the members have such a magnificient effect on the work of salvation. It is awesome to see a ward that works with the missionaries, you can see how much more strenghth the ward has. Oh speaking of wards, ahhhhh Mexican church stresses me out! They are just like,  I don't even know how to expain it. Walking around during sacrament meeting, some 12 year old kids running out with a soccer ball to play soccer hhahhahahha, I just want to give them a smack! Well there is my little rant.
   What? one of them smacked Jardy??? oh I wish I was playing! Yeah I really hope the Bears can pull out a win against organ that would be awesome!
     Yeah I know you are stressed out about making changes in the house, but does that, or the house that Casey and Christian bought stress you out more? You know you are going to spend some good time out there too, haha!
  Well I told mom about our ladies I am really excited for them, they are awesome they always give us food and are way good to us. They love us ha. We have been commanded to baptize every week... Now that will stress a missionary out! But I have to have faith that we can do it, and I know that we can.  Right now we have dates set up to baptize every week starting this week so just got to keeep these investigators going strong. 
  Well kinda funny story, you will think it is gross, some guy was walking in front of the street with his pants down around his knees (and they dont wear underwear here cause they got a skin cover) so his wienie was just hangin out just walkin down the street haha.
 Well that is what I got for you this week father, Love you! 
 Elder Zundel

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