Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 17, 2014

    Wow another week has gone by!! It is amazing how fast the time is cruzing to be honest. This week was just normal nothing out of the ordinary happened and it was just an overall good week. The reason I am writing late is because we had lessons during the day so we could not email earlier. We did service for some of our investigators this morning, we moved cinder blocks from the ground to their roof cause they are going to build another level on their house. we moved like 250, yeah made me a little tired, to be honest with  you. We are going over there again tomorrow morning at 6 to finish moving them. 
We don't have any baptisms planned for this week, but we should have a couple more coming up in the next week! My ladies are who should get baptized! 
  Nope I am not writing Andi anymore, well better said she is not writing me... but who cares right. No need to worry about those stupid girls right now anyways! (I know you liked that ha)
  Well yeah everything is good here! The weather is hot and we are hard at work! What more could I ask for right! 
Well one thing that I need to put in practice better this week and I am going to do it is, Faith without works is DEAD. Entonces I need to have the faith that I will find the people that are ready to take upon themselves a baptism, then I need to find them!
  Well my lovely mother I love you and hope all is well. 
 Elder Zundel!

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