Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014

I have the same Comp and nothing is different. ha there is your little.
   Yeah spreading the gospel is an amazing opportunity! In my Patriarchal Blessing it talks about the Joy that I will have by spreading the gospel and I am for sure seeing that blessing come true right now in my life. 
  This Saturday we got out and were ready to preach the gospel, we went to our fist appointment and nobody was there, our second and nobody and it countinued as so.  So by five we had one lesson in the whole day... so we went to one of our recent converts house and talked to him about sharing the gospel. Then after that we went to this family that me and another Elder found. It was a Mom (Norma) and her daughter (Jasmin) and they were really awesome the first visit. So we go back Saturday night so follow up on them and the father (Martin) and their son ( Johnathan) were there also. And tell you what this family this lesson made my day! They are awesome and prepared to recieve the gospel! At the end of the lesson we asked the Johnathan to give the pray, which he had never done before, and he grabbed the Book of Mormon, which had the steps of how to pray written on it, and said an awesome short and simple prayer! I am way excited to see where this family will go!
  Then after this we went and had a lesson with this kid who is gay, it was kind of wierd not because of the subject just becasue he was not talking like he usually does.  So we give him the lesson that we had planned for him and at the end he asked us so how does your church take homosexuals? and eairlier that day we had gone to the internet to study up on the subject and I printed out a talk, and so I gave that to him when he asked the question and he started reading it to himself, and just started crying. I hope that we can help him. 
    I was reading in D y C this morning and I read a verse that I love, it said something about Christ pleading to the Father in our behalf. Because God is Just and without the sacrifice of Christ we could never recieve pardon for our shortcomings, I am so greatful that we have the gift of the greatest lawyer of all. 
Love you my lovely mother! 
Con amor,
Elder Zundel

Yeah I know that the power of the fast is real. I have started fasting a little more than a month ago every Sunday and we have had an investigator in the church every week since I stated. The Lord loves to bless us, we just have to do the things that will invite the blessings in our lives.
   Well good to hear you can still pick up a shovel of snow you old fart. Keep on workin'. 
  We do service every once in a while but really not to much. I wish that we could do more manual service for people, but really there is not a ton to do. Well there is a ton to do but there are not means whereby to do them. That is wierd that he would get transfered with 2 weeks left? (note from mom: the missionary in our stake)
   The emails from the Skinners were really good, I think that me and Riley have the same kind of comp, really forgetful. Yeah I can imagine it will be nice to have Taylor back home. Will they have to do that again with Coop and Mav? 
   Yeah Jennie told me that the bears are tied for fist right now hopefully they can take region that will be the fist time in a long time. Yeah not a huge fan of watching ping pong either paps. (edit by mom: referring to the winter olympics)
    What people like to do here is set up an appointment and then not be there when we show up. Sometimes we will walk all over town knocking on the doors of our investigators and nobody will answer, those days are really rough. 
    I didn't get any package, and I got some bad news about pictures... they camera just stopped working. I pulled it out of my bag on Tuesday to take a picture and it wouldn't turn on, so I went and bought some new batteries and still wouldn't turn on. So I dont know what you want me to do about that?
  I love you hope you have a great week! 
 Elder Zundel

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