Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

Today is a hot one! Well today we are going to play a little bit of Fútbol, hoy. Should be a good time. Yeah better to be healthy and go then to suffer and go right? (about Pale Riders death) Yeah, mom told me about Bears Butt that is awesome, are grandma and grandpa still reading? They kinda of sound like some of my investigators here! ha. 
 I loved conference my favorite one of my life, I appreciate having a living prophet so much more now and my love for him has grown so much it these last seven months!
 Are my brothers fat? Cause the fattest country in the world is trying to make me fat... I still live in the same place, Delicias Tijuana Baja California.
 Everything was pretty normal, the guy who we gave the blessing to is awesome he loves us and loves the Lord and wants to be baptized. I am really excited for him. 
Well paps,  I love your support while I am here! 
 Elder Zundel

WOW how amazing was General Conference! I loved it so much. I got to watch it in English but I would still like you to send me the magazine, favor. The pressure is on the members now so best as well step it up, momma, invite someone to church 4 times a year AT LEAST.
   That makes me sad the Parker isn't going to all of church, but hopefully he will see the importance of it soon. 
DANG that is awesome the Bears Butt is reading the Book of Mormon, I had no idea, now all he has to do is pray about it and get that testimony of the truthfulness of it it. 
Well this week was just a normal week not a ton going on just normal lessons and trying to find new people. 
Hey I love you mom I hope all is going well keep on pressing forward with an eye single to the glory of God. 
Elder Zundel

 Elder Zundel

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