Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14, 2014

It really is good to hear that you can have an impact on someones life from a little email. Tell ol' Jeff I will be home soon to work for him so not to worry. Yeah that is how I am trying to do it, just like Taylor, I want to be so worn out by the time these two years are done.
 I went of interchanges this last week with a kid from Logan, he is an awesome missionary and I learned a lot from him and am going to put in practice what I learned. There are two rules that I have a hard time with, being home at 9 and going to bed at 10:30, they are so hard to do when there is so much stuff to get done...
Don't worry I wont be fat when I get home, not going to let that happen!
Nope we dont have ipads and dont use facebook, but I heard that we will in not to much longer. I wish I could have a ward mission leader like you paps, I love you and am so grateful for the example that you are for me.
 Elder Zundel

Yeah the days do go along a little bit faster now that the sun is out, that is nice, I really like the warm not to much of a fan of the cold. Yeah I think it is rough on Kylan's mom too, but I also know she is being blessed that Kylan is on a mission right now. Hopefully she can get a transplant so she can enjoy the blessing of the temple.  speaking of a member in the home ward) Speaking of the temple, that is something that I miss. We dont get to go to the temple.... every once in like 3 months pres. will take a small group of like 7 to the temple in San Diego, so hopefuly I will be able to go on one of these trips. I don't know if the new pres will keep on doing that though, not sure when we get the new pres but I know that its not to much longer. 
  Oh I want to go to Willard Bay!!! I miss camping so much, that is what I am going to do my fist weekend back is go camping! 

 Well this week we had some success in finding new people to teach, and that is good cause in Preach My Gospel it says nothing happens in the work of a missionary until we find people. and not just people we found 4 families!!! This past little while we have been working with a family who is less active and one of the daughters of this family has a daughter who is not baptized and this week they all went to church for the first time in who knows how long and that was awesome to see! I want all of the families to have what we have as a family and that helps me to help them. Another son of God entered the waters of baptism this week, always wonderful to have a hand in helping someone enter the door to the path to return to God.

 I recieved the package from Grandma tell her thank yoou so much!! We do not have a VCR but we do have DVD so make a DVD if you can please! 
I love you mom I hope you are doing wonderful as you should be!
 Elder Zundel

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