Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014

HEYEYEYEYE! Yeah I was a little busy last week so I couldn't write all that well. Well we had transfers today and I finaly moved out of my first area!~! whoo whoo! My new comp is Elder Alanis he is from Mexico and is 18, he has 3 months in the mission and seems like a great missionary. I am excited to work with him. Our new house is ten million times better than the last one, ha, I am really excited to not live so crappy. I am really hoping that things are going goood in this area I will find out here soon though. Yeah I say that the time is going by really fast but at the same time I stlll have a long ways to go.
 Oh that is good for Jason! How about Dusty is he still working in Brigham? I am still going to be a dentist!
Yeah, I dont know anything about calling home this time so I will talk to some members and find out what I am going to do about that. Don't worry I will keep on workin' hard!
I love you mom, and I love this gospel it is blessing my life in so many ways. Take care ya hear now!
 ELder Zundel

Okay so I got transfered today and I am in Lomas de la Mistad, Tijuana. I will try to figure out our address in this week so you can check it out, cause I know you are going to ask. But this area is a lot nicer than my last area I have some pictures to send but I forgot my converter to send them so nimodo! I am really excited to get out of my first area and work here! All of my people in my other area are going to miss me a whole bunch, one of my converts was just crying when I went to say goodbye to her, she is awesome! 
Ha that is cool that the missionaries are always at the house, I wish that they would have used me when I was home. One time I gave them a reference but then they never called back... losers.,.. 
   Dang Bears doing alright! I write Taylor Lund quite a bit and he is keeping me up to date with that stuff. He is really excited about his mission! Yeah right now I am good with money, maybe here soon i will need a little just to tidey up the house a little but nothing to much.  I am doing a little better writing in the journal still not the best but okay.
I love you too paps.
 Elder Zundel

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