Tuesday, May 6, 2014

FELIZ CINCO DO MAYO!!! Que NADIE LO CELEBREN ... nobody celebrates that here! haha I dont know if they even know what it means, let alone for me to know what it means. The new area is straight up all on a mountain. There is not one street that is flat... that does some work on a man and wearing down my shoes fast! I am pretty tired but I am lovin' it here.

The hills of Tijuana
An angled look of the hills
In sacrament meeting yesterday we had 50 people in the meeting and of those 50, ten of them were investigators!!!! I am sure looking forward to where this will go with all of them. It is kind of hard to work with the members here just because there are so few active members. My comp is really obedient (my fist really obedient comp whooop!) and that is really good! 

 Wow that is awesome that Parker changed his whole point of veiw on the mission so fast Great news to hear!! And wowowowowowowo I cant believe Taylor is getting married.....? That has got to be pretty exciting for all of there family! Joel is a happy daddy? 
  Yeah the weather has been really hot here makin' me sweat like a pig with all of these hills and everything. Well I saw that you send another letter and I imagine that is asking about the call this week, but bad news we don't get to call.... sorry mom...  
  But hey keep your head up cause I love you!!!
 Elder Zundel

I am going to skype you at right about 3 o'clock in our time maybe 3:30  I can't wait to talk to you my lovely mother!

Well you supposed wrong they are not to much of celebrators of Cinco de Mayo here in Mexico. Oh, Jay, the Mexican food back home is nothing compared to what its like over here. But hey I got put in an area with straight hills,  it is all on a mountain so we walk hills every day and it is workin' me out pretty good! Especially with heat. 
  Oh I know you had a tough time making any type of purchase. (new roto tiller) All these years I have told you to buy a riding mower, now ya wish you would have listened to me, huh? To tell you the truth I miss doing yard work, but that's not saying I am going to do it when I get back! 
  Dang it really is crazy that Taylor is getting married cant believe how all of that worked out. yeah I need the skype passwork por favor! I am stoked to talk with you guys on sunday!!!! 
I love you paps.
 Elder Zundel

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