Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

Yeah we stopped by Carls Jr.  before we took money out of the bank so I got a little sandwich! Shoot, Grantsville, well good for them but better for Jared that would be a really cool experience! (STate baseball and soccer) I can bet you guys are pretty busy with all of the yard work, sooner that later we are going to be doing a yard work day for you two old farts like we do for grandma,  ha. Yeah if the people in this world acted to their beliefs this world would be a whole different place. But yeah people are changing here everyday and it is wonderful to see! 
   Speaking of which I would like to share an experience that was really powerful yesterday. So yesterday was a wonderful day, to start off, we had a confirmation to a baptism, whoop! Then later in the day we were out doing our visits and saving the world. We went to a new converts house and one of her friends walked in and his name is Alberto, and he had a couple of questions about the gospel not really the church but just religion. So he started talking and he talked a whole bunch and while he talked we tried to put the gospel in to the conversation. Then he touched the subject about God, and I bore my testimony about how God loves us and all of that, and he just broke down and started crying. He told us about how he had had a dream that God had come down by his side and held his hand and told him everything was going to be alright. So that was all cool and really spiritual and we set up another appointment with him! Then after this, the spirit was just full in the room. We were about to leave, when one of the recent converts asked us to give a blessing to her son of about 30 years, he is not a member his name is Omar. So we explained first what we were going to do and how we had authority of God to do it, and so he agreed and my comp did the unci├│n and I did the sealing,  and when I said amen tears just started flowing out of his eyes and he said I don't know why I am crying and just continued to cry. We explained to him a little more about the power of the priesthood and that the Holy Ghost was testifying to him of the truthfulness and comforting him. 
  This all just helps my testimony grow so much, cause it is not like I said any magic words to make Omar feel the way he did, but the power of the Holy Ghost bearing witness to him, I know this is the church of God and that he has given His sons the sacred power of the priesthood to work miracles here on the earth. 
 I love you Dad thanks for always being a worthy preisthood holder and example for me. 
 Elder Zundel

We were told that the mission puts 50 years on you just the other day by the presidents wife and it think it is true! I already want to just be perfect in all that I do when I get back. I wrote dad a long letter so that is for the both of you! I love you, mother. Love your bello Hijo

Oh, and Aunt Lisa sent me a package! Tell her thank you so much, make sure to give her a big hug and a little kiss on the cheek for me! 

The package from Aunt Lisa!

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