Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 26, 2014

Memorial day that means no work for you?? Oh I am pretty excited to see all of the little people (nieces and nephews) they are going to be very different.  Wow last week of school,  I wish I could ge back to be honest with you haha I sound like such a looser saying that but it was a blast. (burning the couch, bad idea) Taylor Lund is so excited to get out there I am really excited for him too.
 I read the forwarded emails thanks! They are both converts and really good people, thats nice to hear stuff like that! Yeah really technology is pretty awesome it will be really nice to be able to keep ion touch with all of these people.
Well hopefully the ward can grab hold of the work cause there is a lot to be done! Tell you what the mission has changed my point of view of what kind of member I want to be and will be when I get back, I like that we are in the midst of the restaracion that it wasn't finished with the fist vision of Jose Smith, but we have work to do. 
Well this week 3 children of God entered the waters of baptism! It is crazy how many baptisms there are here in Mexico! the work is really moving along fast! But other than that it was a pretty normal week nothing out of ordinary happened. Oh we got to play some basketball and some dogdeball today!!! That was nice to be able to play a sport for a little bit! Dogdeball reminded me of when we would play with the pitching machine balls ha good times in scout camp! 

I love you paps thanks for all you do for me.
 Elder Zundel

HAHAHa! Kolts coment mad me laugh out loud, ( Kolt quote: "um....moms are a little better than dads, because they are smarter than dads)  ha, cause they know were my shoes are! I love those little guys, I really do worry about them a lot cause there are so dang many! Is anybody pregnant yet?  Fonsy baby! he will be a really good missionary with the work ethic that he has.(on Branson Fonnsbeck getting his mission call)

 I really want to go camping, Elder Skinner sent me some fotos last week of him fishing and that made me really jealous... You are going to go to los Angeles for Julians wedding? are you going to come and see me or what??? 

Things are going good here we are going to eat dinner with some of our investigators tonight and we are hoping to set a baptism date for them, They are pretty ready for the gospel in there lives. But things this week were pretty chill, our goal for lecciones every week is 40 and this week we got 42 so we are working hard here in Mexico, Just hoping to see the fruits of our labors here pretty soon! 

  I know I am in your prayers thanks for all that you do for me mother I love you. 
 Elder Zundel
"It sucks to have diarrhea in Mexico."

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