Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

Yeah really the time is flying by it is crazy sometimes I wish it would go a little slower. Yeah having a second language is going to bless me so much in my life, I feel like! 
And with your calling are you starting to work with an area book and the new investagors sheet and all of that?? Yeah I love that I have this oppertunity to see the gospel change peoples lives. It really is a wonderful blessing.
 No worries I am not getting chubby, I am not the same as before but I am not chubby. Did you get the pictures of Austin? now that is chubby hahahah.  I do some pushups and situps everyday and then do some workouts with that band that you guys sent me too. 
Today we are going to the church to make hamburgers and play some sport basketball or soccer don't know which one for sure. But I am excited for that should be fun. Yeah I play ball with some kids from the ward when I can, there is one kid who is actually pretty good! Lately I have been really tired, just all of the time I feel wrecked it is pretty rough but it is part of the mission life right? Oh and showering out of a bucket is getting pretty old too!
   Yeah It is crazy how much work there is to do in the work of salvation,  there is no time to waste the time is not ours here on the earth it is a time to serve our Lord.  I see some people here, and I look and you back home and you guys are great examples to me of how to serve the Lord when I get home. 
Well I hope you have a wonderful week and all goes well,
 Love you paps, 
 Elder Zundel

 Pleas tell Aunt Lisa thank you for the package I love it! and tell Jennie Mitton the same thing! And Where Do my ancestors come from? from both sides and does Zundel have a meening or is it just a name? How many generations does our family have in the church? who was the fist convert from both sides?

Our ladies are still doing good and all of that good stuff, it is kinda sad cause next week I believe I will get transfered so I wont be able to see them get baptized or any of that good stuff but oh well i guess just the way of the mission right?! Really the power of the Holy Ghost is amazing and think about the people who do not have the gift of the Holy Ghost when they feel the comfort of him it must be something amazing. 
That is pretty cool, is all of the ladies going or is it shortening down? Uncle Bill not doing so hot with health or what? Yeah lets make sure grandma is doing good and walkin' like a soldier! I love the Lady!!! Yeah really is crazy that my friends are getting married! I am still a few years off from that though. Lacee is getting married that is cool! How is she doing how is the Jensen Family doing and Bishop Jensen? 
 Yeah really there is nothing better for a 19 year old boy than to go on a mission I dont think there is anything that can help you more than this right now. 
I love you mother and I hope you are doing magnificent (or however you spell it) 
 Elder Zundel!


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