Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20, 2014

Okay so I will start of with a story! K so about two months ago we met a lady named Lourdez and when we got to her door we asked if she was there and she said I am Lourdez how do you know my name, and we told her that we got her name from the church.  She told us that she had never talked to anyone of our religion before.  So that is kinda weird because I do not remember getting a reference from anyone about her. So in the first visit with her, she sat there and told us about the 50 medical problems that she had, then when we left we said a prayer about her health and all of that. Then a couple days later she introduced us to her sister Martha. Well Martha's son got murdered a couple years ago and she was kind of  mad with God, and said to us that she wanted nothing to do with us. She said that God couldn't forgive her cause she couldn't forgive the person who killed her son. So I told her that we could tell her where her son is at if she would give us one chance, but she didn't. So about two weeks ago we were at the house of Lourdez and we were going to give her a lesson, when her sister and daughter, Daniela, walked in. So we started in on the lesson and Daniela and Martha started pounding us with questions.  All Daniela had heard about mormons is that we are of the devil.... so we are answering all of her questions about life after death and how God has a plan and all of this,  for a long time actually then we had to leave. So we came back later that week and they were pounding us with questions again and we were answering them like bam, bam, bam, then Lourdez says can you say a prayer for my sister like you did for me because all of my sicknesses have gone! So we were like yes! but better yet let us give her a blessing. So she sat down on the chair and we gave her a blessing and the tears just started flowing out of her eyes, and she later told us that she is a person that holds everything in.  After the blessing she told us that she felt something warm all around her and pulled something out of her that let her cry.  So then this last Tuesday we went back again and taught the fist lesson to them and at the end, after more teary eyes,  I extended the baptismal invitation and they all accepted!!! Martha says," I know this church is true," holds up the Book of Mormon, "I know this book is true! cause I have never felt this way before." 

So there is a story for you! Love you mother I bought a watch and then just took out the other money for when I need some food!! 
Sweet that you sold the car Jason couldnt handle the coolness or what???
 Love you mom ,
Love your lastborne! 
Elder Zundel

(extra email to dad)
WOW 33 YEARS You guys are old!  Felizidades por ustedes!! I got one dear elder the one about the first day of the hunt. Oh that is a bummer that you got sick, This last monday I woke up in the night an didnt feel good thought I was going to throw up so I slept on the floor for a little while but never threw up. But since then I have had a really bad cold and nasty cough, still have both of them. Wow all of my cousins are getting married!!! that is pretty cool though. Yeah I would imagine that they like the Jr. Jazz a lot, how are all of the little guys doing?? Any new ones on the way or anything? Yeah it is hard to get people to commit to stuff here especially where they do not have a means to get to the church cause it is a dollar each way on the bus for every person in their family and a lot of people do not make a lot of money at all here. we live in the privado Hinujo in Delicias uno tijuana. Well it is really pretty hot here, well the air is really dry and not all that hot but the sun is really hot on your skin. Thats about all I got, I will send mom a email and a little story. 
I love you keep on workin hard! 
Love Elder Zundel

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