Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

Yeah to be honest with you the time is going by way to fast sometimes I want it to slow down just a little bit.  My health is doing really good, still gonna kick your but everyday I am in the house so you better hope I get home just a week or so before I go to college. But really everything is good. That is awesome that you are moving the work forward like that, (in the Tremonton 8th Ward) the members are really good to work with us. The only problem that we have is that our area is a long way from the church, and all of the leaders live by the church, so we have no leaders in our area. 
   Parker is dominating! Sweet San Fran!!! 
I miss the nights with the fam a lot!!! But we have a family here who is so awesome, so funny too, the other night we parted rosca en la dia del reyes and when you cut the rosca if you get a little Jesus then you have to make 20 tamales for February so I have to make 40 tamales for this family, ha! But they were all playing games and doing stupid human tricks it ws a really good time!
Things are going well, we are having a lot of lessons right now with a lot of different investigators so that is good. We just need to step it up on our member present lessons, cause those are kind of low right now. We have one investigator I think I already told you about her, she is 14 and has a 6 month old baby and lives with her boyfreind who is like 18 o 19. But she is awesome the smartest person I have taught yet. She really is digging the church but the only problem is that she is living with her boyfreind and they are not married.  So this last week we went and talked to her mom about marriage and all of that. It was awesome! We were just straight up with the mom and we were like your daughter is not living right in the sight of God and kinda stuff like that. We talked about her desire to be baptized too. The mom was like any other mom would be like and is worried cause the circumstances that they are living in are not the best but she said if t is what she truely wants and all of this then it is okay with me. And lately the boyfriend of this girl, who is a member, has been going to church with her and really improving in aspects of his life. Awesome the way the gospel influences people.
 The weather here is really nice I dont need to wear a jacket except at night. But cool that Jessica got married and all I bet that was a fun little trip for you. Oh that is cool that that guy got ahold of Uncle Scott! It was fun to intract with them for a while. Good to hear the Tremonton 8th ward is doing good with the work of salvation! Tell Grandmpa and Grandma thanks a ton for the birthday and Christmas money!
 I love you Pray for you daily.
I love you!


Elder Zundel

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