Thursday, April 9, 2015

April 6, 2015

 Conference was great we got to watch all of the sessions, we had to go to our stake center to watch them which made it a little more dificult to take investigators but we got a couple of them there. I really enjoyed the conference and I think that they made it pretty clear that there is no waiting around to get married. haha. The Catholics just say that they go to mass on easter but they really got to the beach... I am sure that they are teaching you really good things, just ask them ¿Que diria Crist? (this was in response to Jay's friends at work)
  Well this week we had our event with the hot dogs and it went alright, a lot of members went but not as many investigators as we wanted. Well the work continues to go on. Stefani should be getting baptized this week, she is really cool and is really friendly so she fits in with the ward really well! Manuel is also going along really well he is doing his best to stay out of the things of the world, and the change that he is making in his life is huge and amazing. Fabian is progressing once again, and hopefully we will so some success from him, we now have a better relationship with him we laugh and joke around with him now, which I like! This week we found a nother young woman named Michele and she is really cool and has a lot of interest in the church. she is one of the few that really complete with the things that we ask them to do! she will progress really fast. 
  Elder Escobar is great! I really like the kid and he is a good missionary, for sure learning but a good missionary. He does not eat anything that is spicy so that is kind of rough for him here, and everyone asks him why they do not eat tortillas in Ecuador haha. But we get along well and all is going well. I am happy and yup!
I love you!
 Elder Zundel

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