Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April 20, 2015

 Well we had a similar experience I also got my haircut today, and he took the clippers to the skull, the difference is, I came out looking like a Holister model! (referring to dad's bad hair cut!)
  I really am pretty impressed with only two trips on the combined house updates. Really must have been an uplifting experience. That is really sad that Christian had that injury poor guy, it's that he is pretty old now and all that jumping around.. Well running for that long does not sound like that much fun to me, but oh wait, Jason can run that far??? (on Jason running a half marathon)
  Well things here have been kind of rough this week, we are working hard to find people who are ready to receive the gospel. Sometimes the mish is pretty rough, we walk the whole day talking to as many people as possible and they tell us no and no and no, but it makes it all worth it when we find the one who is ready to listen to the message of the restored gospel. It is like golf, you tee off and bogey and hit it in the pits and the ponds, but once in a blue moon you shoot a birdie and it made your trip. this morning while I was reading in the BOM I read in 1 Nefi 16 and 17 and it impacts me a ton the attitude that Nefi had. I don't remember exactly the scripture but like 1 Nefi 16: and almost to the end, Ishmael had died and his daughters are complaining about all that they are suffering and that we would now have to suffer hunger. Then we look and the way Nefi looked at it in 17:1-2 ( he recognized that they had to suffer a little he could see how the Lord has blessed them throughout their travel through the wilderness. The attitude that we put towards the things that we do will always make the difference. 
  We will be hoping to have a baptism this week of Manuel, he is a great guy! He has been working and working to repent and change is life in drastic matters, and you can rally see the difference in him. I love you,
 Elder Zundel!

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