Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 13, 2015

I got a smile on my face and I am enjoying another day here in Tijauna. It seems like there is a missionary reporting his mission every week for the last little while, pretty crazy! (in our home ward) Yeah I really do feel like there  is so much to do before that day comes when I got to pack up my bags. But there is still a good amount of time to work hard to do acomplish it all. What language do they speak on the Marshal Islands? Do you remember ohh do I remember, I think her name was Moki or something like that she was my age, well she was from the Marshal Islands. (on a new elder in our stake from the Marshall Islands) Yeah I for sure know how he feels, but he will be greatly blessed for knowing English, my comp wants to learn English but doesn't now know very much at all, so I try to help him a little with what I can. 
 Good to hear that you can still have a good time at your old age haha. Do Cooper and Payton still go to school in Portugues? Don't be letting anyone fall of the shed, Mr. safety.(at Grandpa Z's roofing project) The hernia is the same as it has been for a while now it just pokes out a little, but a lot more when I go to the bathroom. Yeah I don't, when do you think I should have the surgery on that?  Oh no looks like some TV dinners are on the menu in the Zundel house, because mom will be on spring fling!
  So this week we had the baptism of Stephanie! that was pretty cool! She gets along really well with the young women in the ward, and had good support in the baptism.
baptism of Stephanie
Manuel and Fabian are still going good, we are still working to find some more people who are ready to recieve the Gospel. Hopefully we see some miracles this week. We had the baptism on Saturday night, so me and my comp decided to start a tradicion and sleep on the roof after the baptism that we have. So we were up there and we talked for a little and while listening to the kareokee machines in every house around us we went to sleep, but we were not so prepared and it got really cold so at about 3:30 I said hey do you want to got inside, and before I could say anything else he was gathering everything up. 
  Yesterday we had a Priesthood activity for the stake and all the Melchizedek  priesthood went to a ward and then from there the stake pres handed out two names and addresses and everyone split up and when and search for these less active men or those who had not advanced in the priesthood, there where about 40 members and 20 missionaries so it was a really good activity, and the next week they are coming to our ward so that should be really good for us! I will be waiting for the letter from Riley.
 Thanks for everythings. Love you,.
 Elder Zundel
family home evening

the bus
doing service

tacos de carnitas

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